Essential Anatomy 3 v1.1.0 Apk

Essential Anatomy 3 v1.1.0 Apk

Essential Anatomy 3 v1.1.0 Apk

Essential Anatomy 3 Apk – represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting edge 3D graphics engine, custom built by 3D4 Medical from the ground up, powers a highly detailed anatomical model and delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve.

The app represents a unique approach to learning general anatomy. The graphics are unparalleled and make learning, though the use of informative content and innovative features a rich and engaging experience.

Essential Anatomy for 10 systems:

  • Skeletal.
  • Muscles.
  • Connective Tissue.
  • Veins.
  • Arteries.
  • Nerves.
  • Respiratory.
  • Digestive.
  • Urinary.
  • Lymphatic.
  • Also includes the Brain and Heart.

Essential Anatomy 3 is responsive, visually stunning and effortless. This app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any anatomic structure in isolation, as well as from any angle.

Clever functionality found within the app allows the user to strip away layers of muscle via the scalpel tool. This app provides users with the ability to turn on/off systems without the need to deselect individual structure or muddle through a multitude of predefined regional tabs, like other apps.

Essential Anatomy 3 is designed with the user in mind, the body itself becomes the interface. Unlike other 3D apps, which rely on predefined anatomic arrangements and regional dissections to guide the user, 3D4 Medical’s Essential Anatomy 3 lets you find what you are looking for without complication.

Key Features:-

  • New 3D technology via 3D4 Medical’s latest graphics engine.
  • Over 4,000+ highly detailed Anatomical structure.
  • Multiple selection mode Hide/Fade/Isolate individual or multiple structures.
  • Preset and customizable Bookmarks.
  • Correct audio pronunciation for every structure.
  • Latin Nomenclature for each anatomical structure.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Multiple search options.
  • Dynamic Quiz function Drag and Drop Multi choice.
  • Custom search modes.
  • Extensive social media tools and sharing capability.

What’s New in v1.1.0 Apk

  • Improvements for x86.
  • UI improvements.
  • Added support for more screens.

Essential Anatomy 3 v1.1.0 Apk

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