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aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks v0.18.4 Apk

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aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks v0.18.4 Apk

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks Apk – is still Beta software, please try the free version first. There are not many additional features ready yet, but buying aCalendar+ supports development, especially as I can buy some more Android devices for testing.

Extra features:-

  • Month widget.
  • NFC Sharing ( If supported by device).
  • Privacy and availability settings.

Key Features:-

  • Intuitive navigation with smooth transitions.
  • Day, week and month calendar.
  • Full screen widgets.
  • Flexible recurrences.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries with photos from your address book and editing.
  • Uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization.
  • No battery drain.
  • Moon phases and Zodiac signs for  birthdays.
  • QR barcode sharing of events.
  • 12/24 h clock honoring system settings.
  • Optimized text display and improved line break.
  • Translated into 0ver 20 languages.

What’s New in v0.18.4 Apk

  • Fix notification dismissing.
  • Fix settings crash.
  • Fix problem with Birthdays and tasks not staying deselected.
  • Some minor improvements and fixes.

aCalendar+ Android Calendar v0.18.4 Apk

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