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IntelliRing v1.7.0 Apk

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IntelliRing v1.7.0 Apk

IntelliRing Apk -is one the best app that makes you phone smarter by providing a unique set of features as listed.Ringing loud when your phone is in pocket, a bag or cover. Then as you pull your phone out, the volume is lowered.

Key Features:-

  • Ringing just a bit louder than the ambient noise when not in your pocket.
  • Beeping subtly, when your phone is flat on your desk face down (Meeting mode).
  • Silencing your phone for an interval you set useful. e.g: When you for a movie.
  • All of the above can be enabled for audible notification sounds as well (e.g: SMS, email etc).
  • Mute an incoming call by placing your phone face down (Soft reject – The phone call is not rejected, just stops ringing).

Everything happens automatically right after an incoming phone call/notification is detected. The ringer volume level is auto adjusted based on determined environment , All relevant available device sensors are used, including microphone for ambient noise detection.

Additional transitions occur while the phone is ringing and changes to environment are detected. (Quieter once pulled out of the pocket, vibrator stopped when uncovered etc).

What’s New in v1.7.0 Apk

  • Calibration removed in favor of more flexible ambient mode setting – see ambient tab and adjust to match your preference.
  • Small bug fixes.

IntelliRing v1.7.0 Apk

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