Today Calender Pro v1.2 7 Apk

Today Calender Pro v1.2 7 Apk

Today Calender Pro v1.2 7 Apk

Today Calender Pro Apk – is a streamlined, modern calender app for Android smartphone. Despite being derived from the same stock Android calender as the majority of alternative calenders on the Market. Today sets itself apart from the competition by being the only calender app to combine high functionality with truly beautiful aesthetic.

The stock calender UI was completely overhauled to create today. The old cluttered grey on grey layout was replaced with a clean accented while to create a truly beautiful app.

Today contains all the features you would find in the stock calender app, with many features getting slightly modified and rebuilt from the ground up to increase performance and stability.

Thee month view has been redesigned to be Today all in one view. It combines both the month and agenda view of the stock calender to allow the vast majority of users to plan and organize their days from a single view.

Today Calender widget are the result of 6 months of improvements and optimizations they are actually available as a separate app, i released a months ago. It comes bundled with the app, providing the same beautiful, semi transparent widgets you may already know.

Today Calender Pro v1.2 7 Apk

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