King Calculator Premium v0.9.9 Apk

King Calculator Premium v0.9.9 Apk

King Calculator Premium Apk – aims to be very simple to use while being extremely functional, it is great for simple day to day operations or for scientific studies and work.

The only calculator for Android that supports work with fractions, you can add fractions, edit fractions and more. Excellent for school work, college studies, science and engineering.

King Calculator is designed to be useful to almost anyone, from kids to grown ups, so whether you are looking for a basic or advanced calculator, King calculator is the app you want.

King calculator got accepted to the Google in education program and being incorporated in schools who use Android devices as educational tools. It offers a a simple layout for common operations and scientific layout for when you need a scientific calculator which is also a graphing calculator.

Simple Calculator layouts:-

  • Basic arithmetic, exponentiation, Square root.
  • Percentage calculation.
  • Classic memory functionality or Casio style MRC/M+/M- buttons and memory capabilities.
  • Calculation history.

Scientific Calculator layouts:-

  • Trigonometric function ( Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arctan, Hyperbolic)
  • Exponentiation
  • Square and Cubed root (Any other root using the exponentiation button)
  • Factorial and Modulo operations
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Absolute value function and more.
  • Plotting/Graphing function
  • Calculator with percentage
  • Calculator with fractions
  • Percentage calculator
  • Fractions calculator
  • Free calculator

King Calculator Premium v0.9.9 Apk

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