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Battery Widget Reborn Pro v1.9.14 Apk

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Battery Widget Reborn Pro v1.9.14 Apk

Battery Widget Reborn Pro Apk – is one of the best battery widget app that provides you various details of your battery like battery status, temperature etc available for Android users.

Key Features:-

  • Circle battery level indicator perfectly fits pure Android design.
  • Resizable on Android 4.x
  • Support for both main and external dock battery
  • Battery Info
  • Shortcuts to Power summary/Background Sync/WiFi/Bluetooth settings
  • Multiple icon styles
  • Prediction (Estimation) how long battery lasts
  • Customizable texts in Notification area (Estimated time left, Voltage, Temperature, Battery health)
  • Automatic airplane mode during the night (Simple but powerful battery saver functionality)
  • Optional charging and discharging support
  • Power related toggles
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Background Sync
  • Airplane Mode
  • Customizable notification priority
  • Holo themes interface on All phones with Android 2.3+
  • Supports Motorola 1% increment
  • Supports Asus transformer secondary (dock) battery

What’s New in v1.9.14 Apk

  • Updated Translations
  • Languages updated as Arabic, Catalan, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Slovak

Battery Widget Reborn Pro v1.9.14 Apk

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