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Black Cam SD v3.7.0 Apk

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Black Cam SD v3.7.0 Apk

Black Cam SD Apk – Everyone would like to have about one video camera.

  • Silent Choganpyeon shooting method, no screen support
  • While shooting equipment available for use widgets choganpyeon stealth mode
  • Enhanced security features and note that support video album
  • That can change icons freely shoot Black Gallery Widget
  • The time taken to set up Black Stealth widget
  • Clock that can be used as a black clock widget

All of this is Black One cam SD.

Key Features:-

  • Silent in the latest equipment, to support the black screen is a camcorder app.
  • Widget application of the extension can be taken as the more diverse and interesting.
  • Mostly stealth mode when shooting.
  • While shooting, you can use the unit. May receive a call or letter and other applications are also available.
  • Built in memory. External memory storage location can be changed.
  • In video Album, video provides a brief note.
  • Set the password by providing strong security features.
  • Gallery or a movie set is available for application exposed to.
  • Movie recording important lectures. A brief note on teaching input.
  • Car Black box. Choganpyeon used a black box to shoot.
  • Shooting hours until the desired hour CCTV recording.
  • To someone in silence shooting video recording does not interfare.
  • Incident, the scene of the accident up. Silence, do not miss the scene taken choganpyeon video recording.
  • Taken from the flip cover closed.

Resolution Features:-

  • Camera sound on/off setting is different depending on the resolution supported.
  • On setting the camera sound : The unit supports all video resolutions are supported.
  • Off camera sound settings : Up to 760 x 480 resolution support.

Stealth mode shooting mode:-

  • Push and hold in the desktop space
  • Apps and select Add widgets
  • Select tabs
  • Black clock widget, black stealth widget, black gallery widget added to any of the desktop widget.
  • Add to start shooting at the click of a widget
  • Click the widget again or made the status bar at the top, click the part of the space.

Black screen mode for shooting :-

  • Black Cam installation
  • Settings->Recording icon creation
  • Shooting started when you touch icons
  • Camera zooming : Bolryul control button is
  • Recording end : Click the power button

Black Gallery widget:-

  • Use your own images of any shape can be created or run icon.
  • Another application icon in the icon type can be created
  • Photos or background image can make the aekjahyeong.
  • Using a transparent image can be completely invisible icons.

Black Clock widget:-

  • Super clock function can be used.
  • Through the clock can start recording.

Black Stealth widget:-

  • You can set the recording time in minutes
  • Set the time lapse recording and automatically shuts down.

What’s New in v3.7.0:-

  • Android 4.4 KitKat error correction
  • Media scan error correction
  • When selecting an external memory error correction

Black Cam SD v3.7.0 Apk

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