Stop Smoking Pro v6.8 Apk

Stop Smoking Pro v6.8 Apk

Stop Smoking Pro v6.8 Apk

Stop Smoking Pro Apk – You tried everything to quit smoking but your efforts were unsuccessful???

We will help you understand why you should quit smoking??? Stop Smoking Pro is an effective Android Application that provides you with the support you need when you quit smoking.

Increase Your life expectancy:-

  • Stop Smoking Pro tells you how your health improves over time when you quit smoking and gives you information about your physical dependence.

Save Money:-

  • Did you know that cigarettes are the single most traded item on the planet?? Stop Smoking Pro tells you how many cigarettes you have not smoked and how much money you have saved since you have quit smoking.

Save Time:-

  • Smoking a cigarette takes about five minutes in average. Stop Smoking Pro tells you how much time you could dedicate to activities other than smoking.

Remember why you quit smoking:-

  • With Stop Smoking Pro, you can write t=your reasons for quitting. If you ever want to smoke, read them. Moreover, you will see one of your reasons every 24 hours in the notification bar.

Do you need more motivation:-

  • Stop Smoking Pro allows you to track your progress via a desktop widget.

Stop Smoking Pro is like a Game:-

  • With Stop Smoking Pro you earn medals based on your Performance.

Tell the World that smoking is finished:-

  •  Encourage your smoking friends and reassure your parents. You can share your stats and medals by email, SMS or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+..)

Special Version for Touch Pads:-

  • A special interface has been designed for Touch Pads. Enjoy.

 Stop Smoking Pro is an app for the World:-

  • This application has been translated into more than 15 Languages.

What’s New in v6.8:-

  • Fixed Translation error in NL.

Stop Smoking Pro v6.8 Apk

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