Smart Distance Pro v2.2.2 Apk

Smart Distance Pro v2.2.2 Apk

Smart Distance Pro v2.2.2 Apk

Smart Distance Pro Apk – is extended set of smart tools collection (distance, golf, range finder, speed) The range-finder  measures the distance to a target by the camera perspective. The effective distance is 10 m-1 Km. To measure the distance, you should know the height (width) of target.

Man’s height is 1.7 m (5.6 ft), a golf flag is 7 ft, a bus is 3.2 m (10.5 ft), a door is 2.1 m (7 ft). With that we can guess the height (width) of almost everything.

If you know the airplane model, you can measure the height from sky. For reference, Boeing 747’s width is 72 meters. Input the height of the target and touch the screen. If the target is aligned by 2 lines, get the measured distance.

Three tools for distance were completed.

  • Smart Ruler (Short touch) :1-50 cm
  • Smart Measure (Medium, Trigonometry) : 1-50 m
  • Smart Distance (Long perspective) : 10m- 1Km

Speed Gun’s usage is also easy.It can measure the speed of a moving object by touch (Speedometer, Veloci-meter) To measure the speed, input the closest distance to the target and touch the screen following target. If yours is inaccurate, you can calibrate with (Speed calibration)

What’s new in v2.2.2:

  • More models are calibrated

Smart Distance Pro v2.2.2 Apk

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