Smart Cover Pro (Screen off) v1.4.2 Apk

Smart Cover Pro (Screen off) v1.4.2 Apk

Smart Cover Pro (Screen off) v1.4.2 Apk

Smart Cover Pro (Screen Off) Apk –  is a paid version of the Smart Cover Lite (Screen Off). I recommend to use the Beta version before purchasing this. This app is using the proximity sensor can control the screen on/off, After testing about 10 times on each step, select the step that work very well. After updated, the used may not be be appropriate. Then please select other step.

Main Functions:-

  • When you open or close the cover, the screen turns on and off automatically.
  • Landscape Mode
  • When Landscape Mode (like camera, game) is running, Sensor pause (Only pro version)
  • When it is running, Sensor pause.
  • Show icon in notification area
  • Screen off and Sensor on/off
  • Service execute automatically when the phone restart
  • Vibration when the screen is closed.
  • Sound when the screen is closed.
  • Widget Add (1×2, 1×1)
  • Power Button
  • Service on/off button
  • App link button
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory automatically cleaned when screen off
  • Receiving a call with shake
  • Sensor pause when plug headset

How to save battery:-

  • During sleep time, the sensor will be stopped.
  • When using Landscape mode or Phone call option, the sensor will be stopped.
  • When special apps be not in use, it is effective to option to off.
  • When only necessary, It is effective to use vibration.
  • When you use only one of the options (Turn on or off the screen)
  • Screen-Off On, Screen Off Off : When the screen is on, the sensor stops.
  • Screen Off Off, Screen Off On : When the screen is off, the sensor stops.
  • If the battery is low, only use the default options.


  • To delete this app, Service execute button must be off.

What’s new in v1.42

  • Sensor pause when plug Headset

Smart Cover Pro (Screen off) v1.42 Apk

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