Adaptxt Keyboard Apk

Adaptxt Keyboard v3.0.1 Apk

Adaptxt Keyboard Apk

Adaptxt Keyboard Apk – is the first keyboard to update its dictionary based on user’s location and the application being used, providing more accurate and contextual word predictions than any other keyboard.

Main Features:-

  • Add and save a location to receive suggestions such as street names and landmarks while typing
  • Adapts to the specific topics and writing styles you use
  • Learns from your writing style and provides personalized word suggestions
  • Learns from social network such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter
  • Error correction and context based predictions
  • Silent Dictionary updates for trending words


  • 93+ Languages
  • 44+ industry specific dictionaries including medicine, law, finance, business, sports and entertainment

Tap and Glide:-

  • Tap on keys or swipe over characters to from words (Glide)

Keyboard Layouts:-

  • 12+ key layout
  • Language specific layouts (Qwerty,Qwertz etc)


  • Automatic text replacement (ATR) to create custom text shortcuts
  • Launch applications and websites from the keyboard

Keyboard Customization:-

  • Create your own themes, swap keys and modify key shape, font style, background picture, colors and height of your keyboard

Single Key function:-

  • Share key : Post messages in social networks from the keyboard
  • Revert key : Undo auto correction
  • Clipboard : Cut, copy, paste and navigation keys

What’s New in v3.0.1:-

  • Fixed issues with chrome browser and location suggestions

Adaptxt Keyboard v3.0.1 Apk

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