2x Battery Pro – Battery Saver v2.95 Apk

2x Battery Pro - Battery Saver v2.95 Apk

2x Battery Pro Battery Saver Apk – does the phone run out of battery quickly?? 2 Battery Pro extends many extra hours to the battery life by managing Internet connection intelligently and in the background.

You do not need to manually turn on/off the Internet connection anymore. This app extends battery life by using a smart algorithm to turn on/off the the Internet connection, reduce battery consumption and data usage, but still keep the important background data synchronized.

  • Auto manage 3G/4G /WiFi connection in the background.
  • Show battery level and usage in the status bar
  • Efficient and easy to use

Compare with other Apps:-

  • With Juice defender got 2 days on a charge. Installed 2x Pro and got 5 days. Unbelievable, spent hours on setup for JD and only about 5 minutes with 2x Pro.Would not have believed this was possible if I had not experienced it myself.
  • I had another easier, battery saver installed on my new Neo V on Jan 18th.
  • It consistently turned on background traffic and connection to mobile network costing me about 1MB/24h. 2x Battery saved data package, not 1Kb wasted.
  • Needless to say battery performance improved by 30%-35% .Thank you
  • My battery life on HTC sensation is round 3-4 days now compared to 24 hrs before all other apps like Juice defender, Green Power etc which I tried before
  • This is great. I had juice defender which worked well, but this makes it last literally like 3 hours longer.

Main Features:-

  • Manage Internet connection intelligently in the background
  • Ensure data transmission completeness by keeping the Internet connection until the transmission
  • Support night mode (Pro only)
  • Support whitelist and blacklist
  • Auto turn off the screen when you put the phone upside down on the table
  • Build in screen filter to further reduce the screen brightness for battery saving
  • Support fully charged Notification and now battery warning
  • Change Battery icon theme
  • Configurable enable intervals and settings
  • Option to keep connection when charging or tethering
  • Option to not enable mobile data when screen unlocked
  • Respect system settings
  • Play sound after when screen on or off
  • Home screen widgets
  • Display battery usage and time since last unplugged, estimated battery run out time, battery health status, voltage, temperature etc information


  • Requires DashClock widget by Roman Nurik
  • Estimated battery run out time
  • Detailed battery information
  • Battery icon theme (Battery icon level, Battery level)
  • LiveWare extension for Smart Watch
  • Smart connect extension for SmartWatch 2

What’s new in v2.95

  • Tap the tether link will directly invoke system’s  Tether settings window
  • Fixed: Screen filter disappeared when night mode start/stop
  • Fixed : Won’t enable the Internet when you turn on Xiaomi phone’s screen
  • Bugs fixed

2x Battery Pro – Battery Saver v2.95 Apk

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