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Photos and Files Renamer Pro v1.4 Apk

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Photos and Files Renamer Pro v1.4 Apk

Photos and Files Renamer Pro Apk – Rename your photos and files easily and quickly. This app renames photos and files, professional edition, also called JcrenamePro is an highly enhanced application to rename a photos and files quickly.

It is very useful if you want to rename your photos and files in order to classify and identity them by a name expressively defined instead a generic sub-sequential number. Rename your photos as VENICE so that you can recall them immediately.

Main Features:-

  • Elastic set ups to determine how to rename files and photos.
  • Automatic incremental numbering of the file name.
  • Visualization of pictures or videos preview.
  • Immediate update of Android gallery, using the Android gallery you can immediately view the renamed pictures, without having media scan.
  • Function which allows to restore the previous picture name and file name.
  • Manage hidden files and folders.
  • No advertising
  • The visual aspect and the menu organization
  • View pictures and videos preview
  • You can rename files and pictures extensions
  • Hidden file and folders management options included

Photos and Files Renamer Pro v1.4 Apk

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