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System Tuner Pro v2.7.2 Apk

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System Tuner Pro v2.7.2 Apk

System Tuner Pro v2.7.2 Apk – a system suite to monitor and record all activates, backup and restore any app, extended task killer, SD and CPU control, terminal emulator, widgets and notifications, all-in-one app.

Task Manager:

  • Filter system/user/kernel processes and exclusion list
  • Check CPU load/frequency. Memory/internal/SD card usage
  • Sort processes by CPU times, start time, memory or name
  • Kill non manually excluded apps automatically
  • Show detailed information about running processes and apps
  • Open and manage app settings
  • Manually kill running apps

Rooted Phones Application Manager:

  • Freeze/Unfreeze apps
  • Backup and restore any apps including system apps
  • Backup and restore any app settings
  • Uninstall any apps including system apps
  • Display application data and cache usage
  • Move any apps to SD/user space

Activity Recorder:

  • Record background activities
  • Record all apps or all processes
  • Record phones stats – screen, wifi, bluetooth,gps, mobile data, signal
  • Battery monitor widget

System Tweaker:

  • Tweak SD cache to boost performance
  • Tweak Android auto kill memory settings
  • Tweak CPU frequencies during screen off or on call
  • Tweak CPU voltage
  • OC/Daemon disabler

System Tuner Pro v2.7.2 Apk

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