Minuum Keyboard v1.2 Apk full

Minuum Keyboard v1.2 Apk

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard v1.2 Apk – Tiny keyboard frees up your device screen space so you interact with more of your content while allowing you to type fast and accurately. There’s no need to worry about being precious, thanks to magical auto correction that learns from you.

You will get a free upgrade of your Minuum keyboard when the full version arrives. While keyboard is in beta your feature requests will help guide development of your revolutionary tiny keyboard.

Multi Language Support:

Download different languages modules and switch between them. We d love to hear your feedback on the quality of your dictionaries as we beta test new languages. We currently supports English, German and Italian.


Simplified Typing Experience:

Most virtual keyboard takes an approach similar to cramming and full type writer in to a touch screen device. Minuum keyboard  gives you back your screen space by minimizing the keyboard.

How Minuum Keyboard Works:

Minuum re imagines the keyboard by reducing a standard layout to a single line a continuum of letters, letting you type quickly and accurately without needing a large keys. We enable this by auto correction algorithms that allows highly impressive typing, knowing what you mean even if you miss every single letter.

Minuum Discover Mode:

This keyboard is for touchscreens is the first step toward a type anywhere future. Minuum lets you type using wearable devices like smartphones, touch watches, game controllers and more minimum size devices. Learning to type with Minuum keyboard means being able to type with wearable computing devices.


Minuum Keyboard v1.2 Apk full


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