SwiftKey Keyboard v4.3.2.235 Apk

SwiftKey Keyboard v4.3.2.235 Apk

SwiftKey Keyboard v4.3.2.235 Apk

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard v4.3.2.235 Apk – The mind reading keyboard. SwiftKey Keyboard takes the hard workout of touch screen typing, replacing your phone or tablet typing keyboard with one that understand you.

  • It provides the world’s most accurate auto correct and next word prediction in 60+ languages.
  • It connects seamlessly across all of your devices with Swiftkey cloud option.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard predicts your next word before you have pressing a key.
  • It intelligently learns as you type adapting to you and your typing.
  • It doesn’t just learns your popular words, it learns how you use them together.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard backup and sync keeps your personal languages insights seamlessly across to all of your devices.
  • Teach your writing style based on your languages use from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, SMS and blogs.
  • Your languages models can be enhanced each morning with trending phrases based on your twitter profile and current news.
  • You can enable up to three languages at once.
  • Naturally combine languages without having to change and language setting.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard supports contextual prediction in 60+ languages and counting.

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