RAM Manager Pro 5.3.2 Apk

RAM Manager Pro 5.3.2 Apk

RAM Manager Pro 5.3.2 Apk

RAM Manager Pro 5.3.2 Apk

RAM Manager Pro is an RAM Optimizer for your Android smartphone. RAM Manager Pro 5.3.2 application is for root users and each root user must install this application. The application optimizes the RAM memory of your android devices and improves the performance in all directions.

RAM Manager Pro 5.3.2 manages your Android device RAM, and makes your system as fast as possible and sets the balance between free memory and running applications. This app is the best solution for all who have problem with free memory with multitasking with slows performance between applications.

With RAM Manager Pro:

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  • All Pro features
  • Fast support
  • More important updates
  • Development Support


  • *Balance Option – Which makes your RAM more fast, this option for real time use. Start this option if you want to have fast performance of your phone.
  • *Free Memory – This option is for some Android users who have less than 512MB RAM, This option give you more free memory but a bit reduces multitasking.
  • *Strong Multitasking – This option is for some Android users which are really hard working on their Android device. You can run a lots of app, games quickly switch between them without any crash.
  • *Strong Gaming – This option is for some heavy games which stabilizes your RAM and use this option for playing games, your games will run smooth and faster.
  • Additional Tools includes: Lock launcher, Memory Cleaner, Swap File, Memory Info and widget, Clean drop caches and more tools

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