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Android Task Manager Pro v2.9.2 Apk

 Android Task Manager Pro v2.9.2 Apk

Android Task Manager Pro

Android Task Manager Pro v2.9.2 Apk is the over all system optimization and management task manager app. Manage running apps in a single shot such as Task, Application, SD card, System information and device.

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Task Management (Tasks)

  • Real time process log/list
  • Multi mark, command support
  • If you hold the specified items, manage menu will appear
  • Services list, Background applications, empty applications
  • Hidden apps can be easily and safely ended
  • Safely end able process, cached application
  • Running memory information
  • Stop, Restart, Delete and process detailed information
  • Manage exception list and add exception list
  • Auto, Shake, Startup, One touch – End Task
  • Favourite application list with widget service support
  • Application sharing

Application Management (Applications)

  • Multi Mark/Select, Command support
  • Touch the application and menu will appear
  • List of installed applications
  • Application package information
  • App version information
  • App file size
  • Application management, deletion, update confirm and app details
  • Create backup to SD card
  • Applications search
  • Favorite apps list
  • Applications share
  • Restore App from SD card
  • External APK file (install package from APK file)
  • Backu date with information


  • Android task manager pro settings
  • Volume control
  • Brightness control
  • Wireless Network
  • My location on GPS
  • Bluetooth setting
  • Date & Time setting
  • Language setting
  • Application setting

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