Computer Science Dictionary v1.8.6 Apk

Computer Science Dictionary is not an ordinary app as it acts as a school in itself, giving you pictorial representation of formulas too. This computer dictionary defines all the technical terms from elementary to professional level with computer jargon in a logical manner for your pocket reference.

Sound Meter v1.20 Apk

Want to measure sound level? This is smart sound level meter app for Android. Our decibel meter uses your built-in microphone to measure sound volume in decibels and also displays samples on graph.

Battery Magic v1.0.15 Apk

This is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet. It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.

CPU Hardware System Info v2.0 Apk

CPU Hardware and System Info gives you all the information about hardware and system of your device (smartphone or tablet) inside an elegant Material Design interface.

Call Manager v1.5 Apk

Please make sure no other app recording the calls.Multiple recorders at once are typically not allowed. Very few phones may allow multiple recorders.